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Tailored MLS Searches, Branded Reporting, and Client Engagement Tools for Investor Agents, Distinguish yourself from conventional real estate agents
and attract clients seeking expert guidance in the investment property market.

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Showcase Expertise as an Investor Agent

Use automated saved searches to monitor your market area for potential investment properties. When a property fitting your crteria hits the market, it can be shared instatnly via email blast or social media. This feature allows you to establish yourself aside a proactive investment property specialist, keeping clients informed about the latest opportunities.

Customized Outreach Tools

Keep your brand visible at all times. Every time you share a property via email, your logo and contact details accompany the listing, enhancing brand recognition. Furthermore, your contact information is prominently displayed at the top of every listing and PDF, promoting ease of direct client engagement.

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Agents List

Free Rescover Access for Clients

Offer your clients free access to Resocver's property search and analysis system. This interactive platform allows clients to independently discover investment opportunities, while consistently featuring your brand and contact information on every property they view. It's a seamless way to facilitate collaboration and reinforce your client relationships.