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Analyze an unlimited number of properties each month.
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Generate PDFs and view courthouse and pre-foreclosure records.
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  • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Generate PDFs
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In addition to our feature-rich income and location analyzer, we offer enterprise tools to empower your business.
Find your edge in the marketplace by leveraging our data driven software with your local market knowledge.

Pre-Foreclosure Search
Search Pre-Foreclosure properties across the entire US. Our database is updated daily so you can learn about Pre-Foreclosure before the competition!
Learn more on Pre-foreclosure Notice Search

$49.99 /Mo

List on Marketplace
List your turn-key or wholesale properties on the Rescover Marketplace to reach thousands of investors and share the financial projections of the property.

$29.99 /Mo

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* Requires MLS data, available in select markets
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Perform Unlimited Monthly Analyses
View Rescover Machine Learned Rental Rates
Analyze Off-Market Properties
Standard Financial Analysis  
Advanced Financial Analysis  
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Saved MLS Searches *   Unlimited
Hourly Search Updates  
Saved Search Email Notification   Unlimited
Existing Investment Analysis  
Flip (BRRRR) Analysis   Coming Soon!
View Rating  
Search By Rating  
Research and Data
Basic Community Data  
Advanced Community Data  
Skip Trace   $0.05/Trace
Courthouse Records (Deeds, Liens, Etc.)  
Tax Assessor Data  
Pre-Foreclosure Flag View  
Estimated Mortgage Balances  
View Sale and Rental Comps *   Coming Soon!
Market Data & Insights *   Coming Soon!
Portfolio Analysis   Coming Soon!
Multifamily Analysis   Coming Soon!
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