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Professional Property Managers take their clients' investments to the next level. Rescover's Enterprise Tools will help you become a trusted expert in your market and achieve better returns for your clients.

By providing A+ service you’ll also be able to add new clients who fit your ideal profile, growing your business and bottom line.

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Portfolio Finder

PortfolioFinder provides the data you need to pursue your ideal clients. Search by portfolio size, types of properties and import the RIGHT prospects into your CRM.

Tired of waiting for leads to call you? PortfolioFinder is the perfect tool to GO FIND new owners and grow your business!

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Portfolio Insights

Portfolio Insights

You help your clients achieve their financial goals in investment real estate every day. By giving them an accurate picture of their asset performance, you provide a higher level of service and differentiate yourself from competitors.

PortfolioInsights gives your clients the real data they need to better understand their investment and boost retention for your management company.

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Property Performance Engine Widget

Provide Rescover Rental Analysis to website leads while capturing contact information which is automaticalaly added to your compatible CRM.

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Property Performance Engine Widget

Identify Portfolios
Search for investors in your area who own portfolios of properties you want to manage.

Find Contact Information
Access mailing address, and skip trace email and phone numbers for outbound prospecting.

Import to CRM
Directly import your prospects into Lead Simple, Zoho, or Active Campaign. Use a different CRM? No problem- easily export your list from Rescover.
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"We have made a big push as a company to find ways to market our services to investors. The tools Rescover provides gives us easy, fast access to excellent data and reports our investors love! Rescover creates professional and marketable value immediately."

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