Property Performance Engine Widget


Turn Website Traffic Into Qualified Leads

Showcase your expertise and turn inbound leads into long term clients with Rescover’s Property Performance Engine. Our website widget collects critical prospect information, and provides you a detailed performance analysis to WOW property owners.

You have the flexibility to customize the report before sending, so no more getting stuck with inaccurate rental rates that can’t be edited!

Controlled Information Release

Ensure accuracy by reviewing and editing the financial analysis before it is released to the prospect. This gives you the opportunity to verify the information, maintaining high credibility with potential clients.

Rescue Abandoned Forms

No more lost opportunities due to incomplete information. Our system automatically skip-traces the owner's contact data from the provided property address on abandoned forms, ensuring that you don't miss out on potential clients.

Engagement Tracking

Stay in the loop about how your prospects are interacting with the provided analysis. Track if and when they open the report, providing key insights about their level of interest.