Financial Calculator

Financial Calculator

30 Year Analysis

Forecast income and expenses for 30 years, including annual escalation for income, property value, and expenses.

Comprehensive Performance Metrics

Analyze each property's cap rate cash on cash, internal rate of return, gross rent multiplier, and more.

Flexible Financial Model

Loan terms, annual appreciation, operating expenses, vacancy, resale costs area just a few examples of what you can adjust to simulate and forecast the most realistic scenario.

Advanced Plan

Interactive User Interface

Chart, graphs, and metrics update instantly when adjustments area made.

Pro Plan

Share Your Analysis

User our powerful PDF tool to share your analysis, or share a link via email and social media.

Easy to Understand

We put the most important adjustments and calculations at your fingertips. Our intuitive interface presents data in an easy to understand format, with complimentary data organized and grouped together. From beginner to expert, any user will find tremendous value.

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Property Value

Rental Rate Predictions

The Rescover automated valuation model (AVM) predicts the rental value for 98% of all single family homes in the United States. We contrast the subject property's projected rental rate to the surrounding area, and also provide a price range and corresponding confidence score.

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No Stone Unturned

Every detail of your investment is analyzed and presented to you in an easy to understand format. We track and calculate each phase of the investment, from the initial investment, to the annual operating income, all the way to the proceeds at disposition. Regardless of which metric is most important to you, from year 1 to year 30, you can track every details of your investment.

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Total Investment