IDX Marketing Tool Suite

Reach More Clients With Our Powerful Marketing Tools

Connect to your MLS

Search your local MLS for the best investment opportunities, and share branded Rescover analysis pages with your clients and audience on Social Media.

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Zip Code Search

Display Featured Listings on Your Company Website

When you discover an opportunity for your clients to grow their portfolio, it is an opportunity for you to do more business. Showcase the best investment opportunities directly on your website to drive client engagement and investment property sales.

Branded Emails and Client Portal

When you share an email, your logo and contact information travel with the listing to reinforce your brand and encourage your client to contact you directly. Clients will also see your contact information at the top of every listing and PDF.

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Client Portal

Property Performance Engine Widget for Your Website

Capture leads with an interactive Property Performance Engine form on your website. Prospective clients enter their property address and contact information, and you are immediately sent an email to review their property. Once you confirm the rental rate and other property information, you can release the branded analysis to them for review.

Integrated CRM

Provide Clients Professional Rescover Privileges

Extend an invitation for your clients to utilize the powerful Rescover and analysis system to discover and collaborate with you on investment opportunities that appeal to them. Your clients will see your brand and contact info on every property they view, and can let you know when they discover a property they like. Upgrade 5 of your clients to a Professional Rescover Subscription included with your IDX Marketing Tool Suite.

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